Health Workshops


“Maintaining the health of our body is a harder task once we have to keep the health of our thoughts also”. We become so active in maintaining the health of our body that we forget to enjoy our well being’s stage. Diet advisor is a consultant’s clinic, which is supplying help and a hand to you, and will continue to supply that. We act as a mentor for you. In each step of the ladder into your exercise dream by providing nutrition advice, you are guided by us.

Each period of life has some needs and our life undergoes different stages as we proceed in our life and these needs changes by time. We must keep ourselves updated with the understanding of nutrition and health. RRConsulting understands the importance of this need we offer our customers with a privilege of workshops. These workshops are sharing sessions with the customers in whom we share knowledge about the nutritional needs at each stage of nutrition and life such as Adult, Adolescent, Child, Pregnancy and Lactation.

For the purpose of sharing info with you We’ve chosen the style of workshops that can help you gain knowledge about topics such as,

Child nutrition: The concern of parents is development and the growth of their child and for this, ingestion of a level of nutrition is important. Nutritional needs of a child and needs differ hence we have to pay a particular attention to the child nutrition. As we understand how children are to their parents, diet consultant provides you the best advice for your own child.

Nutrition:Change is once we move from childhood to maturity we witness changes and a part of our life. So many changes that maintaining a check becomes extremely important to prevent obesity or malnutrition, we experience.

Nutrition:because of this they ignore their health and Infants have a hectic lifestyle. However, to keep a pace a diet they have to follow high in nutrition and nutrition is important to prevent bone problems at later stages.

Pros of RRConsulting attend lectures and seminars . These workshops are taken on a regular basis and consequently we keep people updated and spread the knowledge. So, if you’re with us you are going to achieve results that are even more exciting than you could ever imagine and certainly will cherish the moments that are nutritious with your ones.